My husband supported me a lot and my relationship with him strengthened more after illness

Suddenly without symptoms or introductions, she discovered she had breast cancer, she did not cry, did not become depressed, but was filled with the spirit of satisfaction and hope, and commended God because what hit her was not worse than what hit others. It is Syrian Reem, the artist who visited Algeria to participate in the miniatures and decorations festival which held its activities in the city of Tlemcen. "Jawaher Ashurooq" met Reem, the perfect mother, the good wife and artist glittering in the art of miniatures, and was this dialogue that comes to coincide with the pink month to the fight against breast cancer.

- How did your relationship with miniatures begin?

I adore drawing nature; I used to draw Damascene houses and nature. I never turned academically for this art, but I studied French literature and I stayed at home for a full-time to raise my three children, and cut off my relationship drawing but when my 20 years in Jordan brought nostalgia and I began to reach for my drawing pencil, which is attracted to little things. So I drew Jerusalem with a section of decoration, and I remember hearing on TV that women must monitor their talents and develop them, so I decided to nurture my talent in the art of miniatures, this period was when I discovered I had breast cancer.

- You said you embraced this art for a particular type of miniatures that depends on flowers and birds?

Yes, I had paintings that led me to this framework, roses are stand-alone art in miniatures, where I knew from my art teacher that this art needs about a year to master, however I still feel I need to learn a lot.

- How did you find out about your breast cancer?

I did not suffer any symptoms. I was visiting my sister in USA, and since it is a doctor offered to conduct tests and rays because my mother and my aunt and her three daughters developed breast cancer, which means it is a genetic disease and should conduct periodic tests, and noted that my sister assured mom result of its examination because she underwent chemotherapy and ended the stages of treatment, where reassure them that everything's okay, but they did not tell us the outcome of my examination and x-own Vhkkt of it, and after my return to Amman I called my sister and said that the re-examination in Jordan because X-rays are not clear, I went to the Amman hospital and prepared examination Vobulgona I do not have a thing, and two years later was my daughter has reached the fourth year of medical school, and became known idioms, medical terminology, and the severity of its keenness Ali, had kept pictures of radiology and medical report accompanying you typed my sister, and returned read the report and discovered that I suffer from calcifications are turning to cancer so it should be Mracpti accurately and regularly, Fagin crazy and insisted that I go with her to the Cancer Center in Jordan for a new rays and took with it the first report, and after all tests were told the doctor that I do not have a something, but my daughter was not convinced by the result, Vokhztna to the King Hussein Cancer Center and prepared all the rays, and they took a biopsy of breast cancer and found it.

- How do you receive the news you have cancer?

In that period came and my mother from America and I went with them from Amman to Syria, and I stayed with them there 5 days and I was waiting for the result without Tell my mother, I called with Dr. said to me Leave it until you return to Jordan, Vosrrt to see the result no matter what, Vokhbertna I had cancer , however I did not feel fear for myself, but eased to build up with the news when they reach them.

- How was the reaction of your family when you knew I was cancer?

I called my husband from Syria and told him the outcome, and my daughter was heard from the second handset began to cry, the second day I went back to Jordan and began treatment stage and tests and I could hear the doctors and they say in English, "has a history of" any disease on the basis that my mother and my aunt and her three daughters developed cancer and all of them healed with chemotherapy only one of the daughters of my aunt, which refused to accept the disease and undergo chemotherapy and entered into a state of depression that her condition deteriorated and she died.

- Tell us about your suffering with treatment Alkamiaia?

Chemotherapy lot of side effects that intensity and severity of the person vary to another, and between the common effects, vomiting and sensitivity, chronic fatigue and distress in the chest and a dry mouth and fever and blisters in the mouth because of HIV, the bad and the psychological and hair loss in addition to wasting, where it lost 9 Cleogramat of my weight, but I have retrieved after it healed.

- How did you cope with this disease?

Since I love painting, and I have a great free time because of not being able to accomplish a lot of household chores, I decided to spend my time drawing, and in this period, you may skip chemotherapy phase of treatment, which lasted three months, and began radiation therapy, and what distinguishes this treatment which is much easier than chemotherapy that cause insomnia, so I spent a night and diurnal in the drawing, has brought in a school in the Persian art to teach me miniatures in the House, something that helped me to overcome this ordeal addition to that my spirits were high, and I was in the case of of psychological comfort unrivaled.

- What would you recommend women with breast cancer, or any other type of cancer ?

I advise every woman with breast cancer or other that accepts the decree of God and worth, and it has to satisfy itself that everything happen to us today Sngena its achievement tomorrow, God Almighty does not Eptlina only because he hid us something nice boasts by ourselves and recognized by our eyes, and sometimes we hear talk silly of So and so people say that a good human being, why get sick? This statement should not pay attention to his cancer, and only hit by frustration, God Almighty is not darkness of slaves, and the calamities that befell happen to us except God knows the wisdom of it, I am, for example, strengthened my relationship with art, if not the sickest I would not be stayed up nights and completed my paintings, On social level has been strengthened relationship with my husband because he felt as if he Sevkdna is a wake-up call for him, and I am encouraged to become more graphic than ever before.

And on women with breast cancer or else that occupy their time things Ihbpinha, or hobbies Evdilnha, and very necessary that they are convinced that cancer, like many diseases, but it needs to be a period of treatment and follow-up, and then ends the suffering and back hair to grow again, and return everything to its place, I remember when my hair loss due to chemotherapy did not feel sad, but put the same energy meanders on my head and all of it saw me dressed liked a formality, and there are those who have become relative of mine from Astamlnha following the example of me.

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