Reem Taki


Born 1960 in Damascus, Syria.



   After my children grew up, I pursued art and started studying Islamic art in 2010. In the same year, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Engaging and mastering Islamic art and miniatures helped me recover from chemo and radiotherapy. I used to paint all night turning my pain to pieces of fine art.

   I challenged cancer with my passion to paint. Even though I am still taking medications, I believe I am healed. I validated my own experience with art, as I merged different types of art with Islamic and miniature arts. The numerous comments I received suggested that my colors were strong, unique, and beautiful. To formalize my experience, I pursued a degree in Islamic art in miniatures and was taught by the famous Persian scholar and artist, Fatima Pourhatimi.

   I was awarded my degree in Islamic art and miniatures and became a member of the Jordanian artist association. I am currently learning Arabic calligraphy. Art has no limits and I will continue to learn and explore this soothing world.


  • Franciscans Private School - High School Degree - 1978

  • University of Damascus - BSc. in French Literature - 1983

  • Arabic Cultural Center - Several arts courses - 1974, 1984

  • Maryam School of Arts - Certificate in Oil and Water Color painting - 2011

  • Persian Painting Association - Islamic Art & Miniature Certificate, Professor Moh’d Baqir Aghamiri - 2014

  • Bandak Art School - Certificate in Pencil Drawing - 2014

  • I was taught by Irani Teacher Fatima Bourhatmi for 3 years, after that I was awarded my Certificate in Islamic Art & Miniatures.

  • Participated in the Algerian miniature festival by invitation of the Algerian embassy - 2014


  • Algerian miniature and illumination festival - 2016

  • Exhibition in Chicago - 2016

  • ISNA in Chicago - 2016

  • Exhibition in Akron, OH, May - 2016

  • Exhibition in Pontiac, MI, April - 2016

  • Mubarakville in New York, Exhibition and workshop, February - 2016

  • ICNA in Chicago, December - 2015

  • Exhibition in Chicago, September - 2015

  • ISNA in Chicago - 2015

  • Participated in the Algerian miniature festival by invitation of the Algerian embassy - 2014

  • ISNA 51st Annual Convention - 2014

  • Another Jordanian Artists Association exhibition - 2014

  • Jordanian Artists Association exhibition - 2013

  • Creative Angels Association of Orphans exhibition - 2013

  • Jadal Cultural Center (Personal Exhibition of Reem Taki’s Art) - 2013

  • Intercontinental Hotel exhibition - 2013

  • Al Hussein Parks exhibition - 2012



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